There is an Android app called FordActivator.apk (Google for it) that will generate an SdCard.key file for you, but it will have to be done in a phone like a Samsung that supports microSD cards. You would insert a 64GB (or larger) microSD card into the Samsung phone, format it within Settings of the phone. It will format it to exFAT.
1. Buy 64GB microSD with adapter to SD and format it with EXTFAT32. 2. Install FordActivator.apk in Android Phone with Android >= 5.0 3. Insert microSD to Android Phone 4. Crack it by Activator 5. Put card into PC and delete all files. Leave only SdCard.key. 6. Copy all files from original SD card. Please Thank and add repo point. Attached Files
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Solo para aclarar el tema del funcionamento de la app FordActivator.apk en los telefonos de la marca Huawei: No funciona en telefonos Huawei con android 7, pero funciona en telefonos Huawei con android 5 y 6. El Huawei P8-Lite, en su dia, salia de fabrica con Android 5.0 Lollipop. No sé, pero creo que está claro en el primero post: